Storage facilities

Talga UAB owns state of the art modern dry-type warehouses for the European Community and Customs with a total area of ​​25 000m2 / x m3 / 35 000 pallets.

The goods are stored using the universal MECALUX pallet racking system, which allows access to any pallet and 800m2 double-deck mezzanine, which we use for small goods storage.

The total pallet racking system for storage consists of 35 000 pallet locations. The remainder of the warehouse is flexibly adapted for unloaded racks.

Talga UAB warehousing facilities, processes and operations are controlled by an advanced warehouse management system Equinox VISION 6. With the help of the control system, we can track the amount of available inventory, the number of available pallets, and the exact location of the cargo with the precision of 99.5%.

2016 THE STATE AGRICULTURAL OFFICE UNDER THE MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE has recognized the storage facilities of the company is satisfying all the requirements and considering the following groups of goods as suitable:

  • Oilseeds and fruits; miscellaneous grains, seeds and fruits; plants used in industry and medicine; straw and fodder;
  • Wood and wood products; charcoal.
  • Certificate of approval of storage of goods and customs inspection place for plants for plant products and other related items.