Logistics and customs warehouses,
customs and brokerage services and international shipping
Kaunas - Jonava



JSC “Talga” has 13200 m2 of privately owned modern warehousing facilities at its disposal. Universal „MECALUX“ warehouse racking system is used for storage of pallets in two warehouse buildings. Total warehouse racking system consists of 12560 pallet locations. The remaining area of the warehouse is flexibly adaptable for cargo, which does not require the racking system.

18 ramps (12 and 6 respectively), which are present next to two warehouse buildings, allows to provide services to a large amount of trucks at the same time, while prioritizing clients’ needs, as well as reserving a certain date and time for a certain cargo. Due to our well developed infrastructure, services are being provided accurately and with no delays.

All the mechanized handling in the company is executed using the most modern TOYOTA machinery. The company constantly has a large number (20+) of human resources at its disposal, required for manual handling.


JSC “Talga” provides all types of customs brokerage services according to the client’s needs:

  • Import, export, transit procedures;
  • BDK (temporary customs storage) procedure;
  • Opening of TIR Carnet;
  • Acquisition of certificates of conformity;
  • Documents clearance in “Free zone” warehouses;
  • Etc.

We always seek for the most effective solutions for our clients, while providing customs brokerage services.


Currently JSC “Talga” uses a worldwide known warehouse management system version “Equinox VISION 5”. Based on clients’ needs the program can be linked with the clients IT or accounting system, which allows performing acceptation / selection of cargo, following up to date cargo balance and providing necessary reports.


The railway branch, which is present at the JSC „Talga“ territory allows to connect different types of transportation and to find the most rational solution logistics wise and costs wise. The ramp next to the railway branch, both roofed and wide open, allows handling cargo from the rail wagons to the warehouses or directly to auto trucks.


Since year 2000, JSC “TALGA“ is a successfully operating logistics terminal, located in Jonava, Lithuania (Ruklos str. 12C), which specializes in the following fields:

- Storage in customs and logistics warehouses;

- Customs brokerage services;

- Cargo forwarding services by air, land, sea and railways.

Our main principles and core values: reliability, attention to customer needs and optimal logistics’ chain solutions with rational costs.

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